Mobile Web Application

You can reach the Maryville mobile web application by going to on your web browser on any internet-enabled mobile device. The mobile web application includes all the features listed at right.

Click here to preview the mobile site on your computer.

Native Apps

Native apps are available for iPhone/iPod Touch (iOS 5.0+) and Android phones (Android 2.2+).

What's next?

We recognize that this is just the starting point for providing a better mobile experience for Maryville students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors. We will continue to roll out new features in the future.

Find a bug? Want to recommend a feature? Your ideas and usage will help inform future development. Please send your feedback to



Search by first and last name for phone numbers, email addresses and other information about Maryville students, faculty and staff.


Navigate around Maryville's campus by searching for classroom buildings, residence halls, and offices. The map will display the location, and you can zoom in, zoom out or scroll in any direction. You can also browse locations by building.


Find out what's going on at Maryville today or on any upcoming day. Share events via email, Twitter, or Facebook.


Get the latest news from Maryville. You can share articles using email, Facebook, or Twitter.


Watch videos including special events, lectures, and more

Emergency Info

Be informed of critical notices on the campus and get easy access to key emergency contact numbers.


Visit a mobile version of Maryville Admissions, including campus visit information, financial aid information, and application instructions.


View photos from Maryville's photo albums.


Get the latest scores and news about the sports teams.


Hear the latest about the Maryville community from Facebook and Twitter.